2018 – New Me … New Blog Direction

Following on from my last blog “She Believed She Could So She Did”.  My dilema now is should I only stick with a blog focussing on the over 50s? My aim was to provide positive actions and to inspire people to see that anything is possible at any age.  There is no denying I’m new to blogging, I’ve posted a few blogs now on how I feel about the power of positive thinking and how over the past seven years I have managed to achieve various things that I set my mind too.  Great – but Blogging seems to be a whole new world, and I keep thinking am I wasting my time, why am I doing this, is it for my own self satisfaction that something is actually in print? … or more importantly that complete strangers are choosing to read my writing.  Lightbulb moment … I guess that’s why I’m doing it.  So yesterday I did a little research, came across some incredible blogs on writing, not just about hints on writing blogs, but about writer’s block and how to get published.

There is so much advise and information out there in the ‘Blogsphere’ it’s fantastic.  So again my question is what should I be focussing on.  ‘They’ say you should write about what you know or what you are passionate about.  My passions are several, I count myself lucky as I know some people who have no passion or hobbies, they just go through life day by day which I find quite sad and a little frustrating as I can’t help think there must be something they are interested in?  It can be anything of interest, birds, dogs, trees, religion, knitting, reading … and of course writing, basically anything that you just love to think about, talk about, or actually do.  My passions are; writing (not sure I’m any good but I just know I have to write), books (love allsorts from fiction to non-fiction, sometimes will buy a book because it looks nice or is old), photography (travel and food), vegetarian cooking (became a non meat eater five years ago), power of positive thinking (I don’t know why I believe in this, it just comes naturally).  So back to my dilema, what should my blog be about?

Strangely enough, whilst writing this, I know that writing is my true passion, I want to be the writer living by the sea, writing endless articles of my travel adventures or items of interest such as mental health issues and the British Justice system to name but two, and there is always the fictional stories that constantly invade my mind.  Writing is what I should focus on, perhaps it will unravel as time goes on.  A blog specifically about writing – opens up all sorts, writing about my adventures, or writing about the positive aspects of being over 57, or about books that I can recommend, hints and tips that I discover,  plus I can add in my own photographs, which I have incidently been doing. Perhaps documenting my experiences in Saudi Arabia on a weekly basis,  hoping it will help anyone to achieve their dreams to travel or to work in Saudi Arabia.  I’m not really sure if a decision has been made but I do feel a change coming on and will go with the flow, anything is possible.  Plus as I said in the beginning if you believe in something then do it, what’s there to loose.

I think my first big committment is to do a degree in Creative Writing and will be investigating further at the moment I have come across the Open University of Creative Writing based in Farnborough, having read the prospectus – I’m excited already, will let you know how I get on.  In the mean time I will vary the type of blogs I add, could be anything to do with Saudi Arabia, writing, photography or just something I’ve read about and think is of interest…. especially for those over 50.  Until then, keep positive, be inspired and most definitely follow your dreams.


  1. Your such an inspiration… I am excited to read a follow up blog to this! You flare of writing is so easy and enjoyable to read, I wouldn’t mind what the topic was! Xxx


    1. Thankyou so much siobhan – I’ll look at doing a follow up like you suggest – so glad my blog is coming across as inspiring as that’s my aim x it means so much to me to have your encouragement and faith in me that I can do this xxx


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