HAPPY NEW YEAR, apologies it’s a little late but I’ve been a little busy …. going back home to the UK for christmas (fabulous), completing my third assignment for my degree course (hard), Reading reading reading (wonderful), plus a million other things, isn’t that what we do when we start the New Year we are all excited and enthusiastic and then whoomph back to square one wondering what to do next or bored already with the new resolutions?  Lucky for me I’m not one of those people.  I’m not saying I don’t have the occasional moment of doubt, but it is just that I’m always looking for the positive outlooks in life.  I will try to turn a bad situation into good, I just think why spend all that energy on being negative when you can put the same amount of energy into being positive and get happier and more fulfilling results.

I will let you into a secret though, on those occasions when I do need some inspiration I tend to go on to ‘you tube’ and put in the search engine something like ‘the power of positive thinking’ or ‘how to get motivated’.  You will find a lot of people giving advise, some a bit corny but some are pretty good which can just give you the little boost you need.  My favourites are Mel Robbins and Tony Robbins (not related), they are very strong characters and sometimes they might say something that you don’t want to hear, however if you just pick out the bits you do, then they are worth listening to.  When you have a little wobbly moment of self-doubt or need some motivation, just have a listen.

What I have noticed in the world of motivational speakers are they appear to be mostly American, at least those willing to share on You Tube.  I will be making it one of my missions to seek out some UK talent to be able to compare to Mel and Tony (and Oprah and Les Brown).  I have already seen a few that have caught my attention and will provide the links when I can.   There is a young man who I believe is going to become an amazing Motivational Speaker (he doesn’t know it yet), he is so inspirational and at the same time incredibly funny  – look for him on instagram, twitter and facebook ‘Igniteyourmind’.

In the meantime, think about what does inspire you, whether it’s a person, a friend, member of family, food, books or religion.  Take a moment and think about what you want to do and believe you can do it, surround yourself with positive people and if they aren’t easily available then read, listen or watch  motivational speakers.   I would like to start to make a list of recommendations of anything or anyone that makes people motivated please comment below with suggestions.

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