60 is the new 40 Right?

I woke up this morning with the usual pain in my lower back, my knee clicked as I went downstairs and as I looked in the mirror I could see I didn’t look forty anymore.  However, my brain has different ideas it’s not ready to be sixty!  The very thought of being sixty was still a million years away last year and yet here I am with only eight months to go before that very day.   In my twenties anyone over 50 was old, the very thought of a 50 year old heading to a cocktail bar or heaven bid a nightclub was unheard of, let alone starting a new career, traveling solo or dreaming to be published at such a late age.  Yet here I am believing still that anything is possible at any age not just at 50, but at 60, 70, 80 and even 90, the only things stopping you are possibly health issues, people who are negative and your own self belief.

As I approached my 50th birthday I embarked on a new career, I travelled solo to Saudi Arabia and have been travelling ever since, I have been to many cocktail bars and nightclubs, changed my hair colour, dress sense and became a non meat eater.  Just a few changes I made to my life at 50.  I was a single mum, with no money but I still believed anything was possible.  Over nine years later, I have loved my adventure, being 50 didn’t stop me enjoying life at it’s best, meeting lots of new people, working in a job I loved, living in a country I’ve called my home and travelled to some wonderful countries, India, Sri Lanka, USA, Dubai, Oman to name but a few.  Not once did my age stop me from doing any of this.  As I approach my 60th I have new adventures to start planning, especially the one dream I haven’t yet accomplished and that’s to be published as a writer.

When I leave in April 2020 I will be heading home to celebrate my 60th birthday, I don’t want to hide from it, I want it to be the beginning of another new adventure, to celebrate everything I have achieved and am proud of.  I truly believe in the power of positive thinking and I know I have passed this on to my two amazing daughters who strive to be the best they can be, who are positive about life in so many ways and are always reaching for their dreams.  It makes life exciting, why put all your energies in being negative when if you put them into positivity you are more likely to achieve your goals and dreams than if you don’t believe.

My plans now for for my 60th year will be to own my own property, travel by myself to various retreats (writing, photography and yoga to name but a few), to be more on hand to help my daughters with their busy lives, to be able to read more, to write full time and be published, to be with like minded people and continue to learn and inspire people as I go along.  That’s just year one.

I have just finished my first year of a degree in Creative Arts.  I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard, it takes a lot of committment and self  motivation, but I’ve done it.  The results are pending and will be a decision maker as to whether I continue to the next year.  In the meantime I will continue to write and learn from reading books that encourage writing providing hints and tips.  My favourites being:

  • The Successful Mindset by Joanna Penn
  • Writing by Stephen King
  • The Freelance Writer’s Handbook by Andrew Crofts
  • Discovering the Writer Within by Bruce Ballenger and Barry Lane
  • Plan Your Novel by Beth and Ezra Barany

These are just a few books that can help you put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, you don’t have to spend a fortune on workshops or retreats, I even picked up Discovering the Writer Within from a second hand bookshop and is one of my favourites.

Whatever your age is, get planning and dreaming for the future, I know I am and am looking forward to reaching a new chapter in my life, with new challenges, new adventures and new exciting experiences.  I hope you will follow me on this journey as I persue all of my dreams and make them come true.  My plan going forward is to provide hints and tips on being positive and living a fulfilling life especially for those approaching 60 and above, watch this space.


  1. Muuuuuuum this is amazing!! Your writing flows so well I didn’t get bored of reading it ONCE! Your so positive and so inspiring we are the way we are because of you and I couldn’t be more grateful! Thank you! I love you so much GO MUM! Xxxx


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