Where to begin! So things have taken so much longer to settle back into the UK than expected. Like most people, I have had to change holiday dates, social events and pretty much everything that I had originally planned for my first year home. However, I do believe there is always a reason for things that happen and that a positive will come from it. There is no denying I miss my life back in Saudi Arabia, my friends, job and home, to loose all of these in one swoop has had its effect on me. I am a positive person, but even I have struggled with the pandemic, the confusing rules and changes in our society and our freedom as a whole. As always I have been looking at the positives, it has certainly cleaned up the planet, blue seas and clearer rivers have emerged, investigations are being made into care homes (about time too!), cleanliness, how did it take a pandemic to make people realise they have to wash their hands and to use a sanitizer? It has been wonderful to see the appreciation of the NHS, bringing the country together with the clapping on doorsteps and out of windows. However, I am struggling to find more and can only hope like the rest of the world that a vaccination is produced asap.

Being able to spend time with my daughters has also been a positive, lock down allowed me time to be mum, cook dinners and be part of their lives again, something I have missed being away in Saudi Arabia. The current ruling of meeting in close groups of no more than 6 people, has also allowed meet ups with friends and family, allowing a little bit of normality and enjoyment in these crazy times.

Continuing with the positive theme, one that came out of a negative was that the beautiful flat I had put a deposit on ….I backed out of, the builders kept delaying and I was continually having to move from rental accommodation in different areas. Thankfully I have now bought a lovely house in North Norfolk, I can’t believe how gorgeous the area is, so green and clean, beautiful countryside and blue flag beaches close by I can’t believe my luck. It is taking time to settle, having to buy everything from scratch, teaspoons to curtains, beds and book shelves but I’ll get there. It has been stressful and with no income now I am having to put a move on with regards to getting work and getting my writing out there. Now is the time to see if I can truly fulfil my dreams of writing as a living. My blog is purely a way of writing down my thoughts and to encourage people to believe anything is possible, no matter what age you are. I am now in my 60th year and I still believe I can change my life in any direction, I will continue to show that being 60 is so wonderful, even with a pandemic I have plans and will strive to achieve my goals but just in a different way. It is also ok to change direction if the current one isn’t suiting you. I am going to try and do more blogs, but shorter ones, more about how turning 60 in this wonderful county of Norfolk is going to be all about dreams coming true.



  1. So wonderful to hear of your news, Jeannie. I love your positive attitude and your honesty. It has been tough times, but you have your creativity and passion and I know you’ll succeed at whatever you put your mind to.


    1. Hi Beth thank you so much for your comment sorry I didn’t reply sooner I’ve been having a break from writing whilst sorting my house and adjusting to life in the uk – I hope all is well with you and looking forward to a merry Christmas

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