Can women over 50 wear a bikini? Yes/No?

Of course they can if they want to is my immediate answer.  Why shouldn’t we, will we be arrested by the fashion police?  I believe if your comfortable with your body and feel good about yourself, then it doesn’t matter what age you are.  I would perhaps disagree if you have layers of flab hanging over your bikini bottoms, but that would be the case if you were 50 or 30.  According to Janet Street-Porter no woman over 20 should wear a bikini “It’s a total mystery to me why grown women think that putting all their bits on display and hoisting up their breasts like a pair of half-set jellies on a plate makes them seem alluring, sexy or seductive”, pretty cruel comment if you ask me and maybe  she was a bit jealous of those women who do want to look sexy and gorgeous in a bikini, whatever their age is.  I have to admit when I first came out to Saudi Arabia and visited the pool on our compound, I always wore a full swimsuit much to the horror of my new friends.  They couldn’t believe I was covering up.  A year later after loosing weight, eating healthy and gaining confidence I bought my first bikini.  I was 50 years old.   It was quite nerve wracking wearing it for the first time, but soon after I bought another and then another.  It soon became the norm and nobody questioned how old I was.  Seven years later I have put weight back on and I don’t feel comfortable wearing one, but that’s not to do with my age it’s to do with my weight.  So this week I finally got round to downloading Kayla Itsines “Bikini Body Guides” (BBG) App – the one called Get Bikini Confident – Sweat with Kayla –  and on Monday I began the beginners workout. Firstly, I will point out Kayla is a super fit, young woman of 26 and the programme looks to be aimed at the 20 to 30 year age group.  However,The App is very informative with lots of hints and tips on types of excercise available starting with beginners and then sensible food planning and guides on how to do the excercises properly.  I got my yoga mat out, propped my ipad on the kitchen bar and proceeded with section 1 – Beginners.  What I loved straight away was the simplicity of the App, it was easy to follow, as Kayla did everything slowly (not her in person, a computerised version).  For this reason I was able to follow at my own pace, not be completely lost in a class that goes full steam ahead and you haven’t got a clue what to do and feel totally demoralised at the end.  I’m on my third day and yes my bum hurts, so do my stomach muscles, thighs and calves, but boy do I feel good.  I can feel it stretching my muscles, I honestly believe its going to work.  I took a photo of myself from front and side, as instructed by Kayla, to be reviewed in 4 weeks.  This I won’t be sharing any time soon, however it is a good incentive as sometimes if the weight doesn’t come off easily you will still see the difference in your appearance, lets hope.  I feel motivated, and feel I want that bikini body again, who cares what Janet Street-Porter thinks, its what you think feels good is what’s important.  This App is just an idea to get motivated, but there is always the gym and walking, whatever it takes you too can achieve a bikini body, just believe in yourself and give yourself a target to aim for.  Right now mine is a wedding to attend in May in Italy, I want to loose a dress size but mostly I want to get back into the bikini and be proud of it.

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