I first saw this quote in a little gift shop in Streatham, London and immediately thought of one of my daughters, she was facing a dilema to stay with a job that paid well but was causing her so much stress and anxiety, or to leave.  I reminded her that money wasn’t everything and that you had to follow your dreams to be happy.  I advised her, that I believe anything is possible at any age, as long as you believe it.  I bought her this card with the quote “She believed she could so she did”.  It is now proudly displayed in her 2018 diary, as it is mine.  With this thought in mind, she handed in her notice at a company that treated her badly, and followed her dreams of working in an environment where dance is the key focus, she hasn’t looked back since.  Many times I’ve taken that risk and gone against the norm believing I can do it and here I am in Saudi Arabia because I said to myself  I wanted to live abroad again and that was over seven years ago.  In 2017 I said I wanted to complete a Travel Writing Course, I did it.  I wanted to travel to Boracay in the Philipines, I did it – I wanted to get engaged … and with the help of my fiance … I did it 🙂 and the list goes on.  All I’m trying to say is anything is possible at any age you just have to believe it.  For the past seven years I set myself goals at the beginning of each year, I haven’t achieved all of them but I never think it’s not possible.  Some goals are not money related they are personal goals.  I became a non meat eater five years ago, have completed 3 extensive writing courses, travelled to 9 different countries, climbed mountains, snorkled in the deep blue sea, seen the most incredible sunsets and sunrises, started yoga, studied photography, driven over sand dunes in Dubai, through rough terrain in the outback of Morrocco on a quad bike and yes wore a bikini throughout my travels.  I’m 57 and this is just the start.  The world is a huge place, I want to travel through Asia, New Zealand and South American to volunteer to teach children, work in an orphanage or elephant sanctuary, write a novel, drive round the coast of Great Britain in a camper van, ride a horse along a Spanish Beach, buy a house by the sea and on it goes.  Right now I can honestly say “She believed she could do it so she did” and I will put these aims in my notebook and will continue to follow my dreams.  You can too, find inspirational people to talk to or read about, find quotes that are uplifting and mean something, set some exercise routines to make yourself feel good and list those goals put them on the fridge or screensaver.  Anything is possible remember that.


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